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It is now some five years since Deborah embarked upon creating online, multi-media courses.  The courses can be taken by anyone in the world, at a place and time to suit themselves.  Indeed Deborah is extremely delighted that her courses have reached into Russia, Mongolia, 
Initially a one person team Deborah, has on board a part-time model, her friend Kay, associations with GBi.UK insurers, and various online platforms whose professional support has enabled Deborah to reach many thousands of people in 158 countries with speakers of 48 different languages.  Deborah has made efforts to transcribe the courses so those students whose first language is not English will have additional support.
Currently the course catalogue holds some 31 courses and this is growing all the time.  In due time Deborah plans to diversify this catalogue of learning options to include office based, administration and customer care courses.  
The courses currently available have been received approval from the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.  Deborah has created and developed partner membership groups the British Holistic Therapy Organisation and the British Reiki Organisation.  Humble, with a big heart...
The following pages provide brief information about each of the courses...


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