Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy provides a professional holistic and complementary therapy service utilising her personal premises.  Deborah is qualified and experienced in the modalities offered and will only provide treatment within the remit of her qualifications.  She only accepts female clients for therapy, and reserves the right to cancel and re-book appointment without recourse.  Should clients not attend, or cancel a paid deposit will be forfeited and where clients are late treatment time will be adjusted.  Where clients display unruly behaviour they will be requested to leave without loss of commensurate to the business and should any damages arise the client will be held duly responsible and they will pay all and any costs. 

Professional Diploma courses require a none-refundable deposit which covers all administrative costs.  Students who enrol onto our courses are provided lifetime and unlimited access to online, multi-media recorded materials as well as in person classroom attendance.  Students are expected to wear industry accepted therapist attire of a tunic, black trousers and flat black shoes, light make up and no jewellery.  Students must attend promptly and pay due respect and dignity to instruction; mobile phones will be switched off except for break periods.  Unruly behaviour will result in dismal from the premises without loss of commensurate to the business.

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