Swedish Massage

  • 1 hour
  • 35 British pounds

Service Description

Swedish massage is a holistic and complimentary therapy that utilises a sequence of specific techniques to reduce tension in the musculature. Your therapist will undertake a holistic consultation and then provide therapy in the traditional sequence which addresses tension in the whole body – crown to soles of feet. This massage can be soothing and gentle, energising and revitalising; the methods applied will ease tightness, pain and aches, improve circulation, aid elimination of toxins and promote rest and well-being. Treatment times are 60 minutes including consultation period and a none refundable deposit of £20 is collected, no exceptions. The benefits of this treatment include: Relaxes the whole body Loosens tight muscles Relieves tired, aching muscles Increases flexibility and range of motion Reduces chronic pain Calms the nervous system Lowers blood pressure Increases the flow of blood and lymph Improves skin tone Speeds recovery from injuries and illness Strengthens the immune system Reduces tension headaches Reduces mental stress Improves concentration Promotes better sleep Calms bad temper Induces mental relaxation Provides a feeling of well-being Reduces anxiety

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