Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy


Return to service provision/covid-19 policy


Below is a copy of our return to work, covid 19 policy that includes information about various specific elements of our practices in place to directly address the current issues in health. 


We value health, safety and well-being. We aim to always ensure that best hygiene practices and standards are applied daily and throughout the day in our clinical area. The clinical area at our service premises are within the personal premises of the owner. To ensure health, safety and well-being and to reduce and eliminate the risk of infection from any pathogen we employ general hygiene standards that are also known as universal precautions in health care.


As we move to reopening our doors to receive clients we have undertake an assessment of our services, our practices and have updated our policies and now have a new policy that is aimed at the covid-19 current infectious disease issue. You are advised to read our police and practices through so that you are aware of what to expect should you contact to book an appointment for treatment.


Area hygiene and cleaning


We have created a check list that we operate by in relation to and in accordance to best practices. This check list applies to methods prior to and post client contact. We have this check list available for clients to review; it is posited onto a wall in a plastic document holder and which can be read without touching to reduce potential contamination. The check list demonstrates the actions fulfilled prior to your attending the appointment.


Enhanced protections


We will be employing full PPE in our work activities. These include the use of face mask, eye shield, nitrile or latex gloves, disposable apron, foot coverings. You will be required to arrive wearing a face mask and upon arrival will be expected to replace this with a clean covering that we will provide. You will also be requested to wash you hands and apply hygiene hand gel (this may be a product produced by ourselves, on site and incorporate witch hazel and some essential oils renowned for their anti-pathogenic qualities. You will also be required to remove your shoes prior to entering the premises and to place your shoes in a plastic box in which to store all your items. You are asked to bring your own bottle of water.


Consultation and pre-appointment checks


At the point of your contact us we will hold a brief consultation over the phone, we are unable to take bookings on-line or via text as we must consult in the first instance.


During this private telephone consultation you will be asked about possible contact or infection of Covid-19. We are bound by trusting our clients to be honest in their answers.


We will then advise around the viability of booking an appointment and where clearly safe to do so we will book you in and your appointment fee will be payable in advance through a paypal invoice sent to you and upon payment your booking will be confirmed by text message.


We will also provide additional information such as testing your temperature the day prior to attending your appointment and testing your temperature at the attendance of appointment. You will be again asked about possible infection and asked to sign your record clearly indicating your response.


You are responsible for ensuring that your information provided is accurate and when signing the records is truthful.


After care and payment


We will provide you with a text message with after care information, this is useful to you as it reduces your time in clinic and you’ll be able to return home and rest after treatment. We have a number of blog posts that you may wish to read to support your immune health post-treatment.


As your payment will already be received there is no issue around handling money or card machines.


Continued professional development


To meet the requirements of our industry we have undertaken personal, professional training and education. We have then gone onto create a training course to support our students in their own practice. We will continue to monitor changes in regulations and update our policy as required. We are committed to safe practices through high standards and we will undertake audits of our practices. We welcome your feedback on the processes we have in place and welcome your recommendations.



We will audit our policy and practices on a weekly basis to ensure they reflect best and highest standards and regulations.  Your feedback and review will be used in this audit but your personal details will be removed to retain privacy of information and meet Data protection act and general data protections regulations.  Our audit will be available for review upon request through a freedom of information application.                 

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