Reiki; energy healing, three levels of learning

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing method that has it's foundations in India and brought to the public by Miako Usui.  Reiki has three levels of learning; Shoden, Okuden, Shinpinden.  This method is profoundly gentle yet powerful.  With continued practice, Reiki has the power to shift and dislodge obstructions, limitations and barriers that hold you back from fulfilment of your life's desires.  There is no better time to learn Reiki than now, as an international collective face on-going causes of concern!

Level one; Shoden is the starting point for all pupils.  This level teaches the history and background of Reiki and energy healing.  Students learn how to apply Reiki to themselves and are attuned to the Reiki energy.  A traditional Usui Reiki certificate is provided - a separate small fee is applicable to online platform students.  Students can apply for free, level one student membership with British Reiki Organisation.

Level two; Okuden is the second and progressive learning of Reiki.  Pupils learn about sacred symbols, are attuned to the level two symbols, practice Reiki on self and others.  This course provides a traditional Usui certificate and linage papers.  Pupils can apply to become a level two student with British Reiki Organisation, gain insurance to practice and receive paying clients.  

Level three; Shinpinden is the Master Teacher level that is the final level of learning Usui Traditional Reiki.  This level of learning provides a final attunement to Reiki Master symbol.  Pupils learn about symbolism, and using the master symbol in healing.  Students can, if they wish, teach Reiki and attune others to Reiki.  Students can apply to become a level 3 Master Teacher Member with British Reiki Organisation.