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Deborah Casey

Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Guide

Course creator and Instructor



As I travelled through my college education, my anxiety had abated incrementally and I was feeling fitter, healthier and my sense of vitality was improving I felt ready to take another step!  When I read about Reflexology I thought “oh boy this is amazing, I can do this too and then I can give so much more to my community, how great is this”!


I didn’t share any of my journey with my family, it was a secret yet there was a whole community who knew.  As I took each of my diploma training courses, passed each with ease I only told trusted friends who encouraged and supported me, who celebrated my achievements with such gusto and joy.  I did this because I knew my mam and siblings would frown upon me and they would actively discourage my personal development.  They would act to sabotage my progress, and in sharing with them my progression I would have sabotaged myself.  This mental process was something borne from my younger years, when I had experienced a great deal of suffering at the hand of my direct family.  My confidence, self-esteem, and even my belief in myself was almost annihilated yet continuing to learn and accomplish my education moved this belief to see I can do it… and you can too.


I love Reflexology because it is a whole body treatment working on the feet – the feet mirror the body and deep relaxation is wonderful.  Our feet are often ignored yet they are the soul of our party here on Earth.

Reflexology courses

Reflexology for couples, this is a great course for couples but also those who are interested in learning reflexology and who are beginners.  This course acts as the level one in learning for those who want to become professional Reflexologists.  Click the link and you will be taken to the sales page to purchase your course which includes:

  • a years access to course materials

  • a pdf manual ​

  • demonstration videos

  • background information to reflexology

  • link to course purchase page

Professional qualification Reflexology

This is a professional, comprehensive course of study and builds upon the Reflexology course for couples which is also a level one course that must be completed before enrolling onto the professional study course.

This course includes:

  • one years access to the materials

  • a pdf manual that is comprehensive 

  • power point presentations

  • Video demonstrations

  • a free relaxing mp3 music download to aid your treatments

  • professional diploma qualification

  • access to low cost professional membership 

  • access to professional indemnity insurance


includes anatomy and physiology pertinent to the area being treated, so prior learning in anatomy and physiology is a requirement, and upon successful completion and submission of marked course work and final exam students receive a diploma that is approved with the IICT; please note in person class attendance is required.  Students can seek and apply for professional membership with the IICT when they receive their diploma.