Reiki level 1


​There is an energy that permeates all living beings this energy is Universal...


​In brief: this is the beginner’s level, the starting point of your Reiki journey.  This course is also known as Shoden and teaches the concepts of Reiki as passed on by Mrs Takata, a Reiki master who brought Reiki to the west.  You will learn about how Mrs Takata learned Reiki and the founder of Reiki.  Reiki 1 teaches about attunements and provides 4 attunements to Reiki.  These attunements connect you to Reiki and you become aligned to healing energy.  You learn hand positions to apply during self-treatment and in gifting treatment to others. 


Level one Reiki works on the physical plane of healing.  This course also includes teachings about Universal energy, Chakras, Gassho meditation, Hatsuri ho and Byosen scanning method, methods to increase energy and what steal energy.  We also cover the healer, the responsibilities of the healer, Chakras and meditations. 



Traditional Usui Reiki Level 1