Reiki Chakra Balance Healing Meditations

Begin your healing journey with simple practices that incorporate a variety of methods and techniques.  In a chaotic and frenzied world, stress, pressure and tension have become the normal lived experience.  This overwhelming burden wrecks the brain, body, being balance.  This course aims to bring the following to living a more fulfilling life:

  • Stillness

  • Calm

  • Centeredness

  • Connectedness

  • Harmony

  • inner Peace

  • Life Balance

  • Alignment with own true nature

  • Kindness

  • Compassion

This course is very simple, it is very easy and daily engagement brings great benefits...

Reiki is an energy that is Universal, it is timeless, it is a healing system that releases tension, pressure and emotions that become stuck causing health imbalances.  And you don't need to be attuned to Reiki or have taken classes or courses to enjoy this class...

This course is for anyone, anywhere in the world who wishes to restore inner harmony and balance.

Topics covered include:

  • What are chakras?

  • What is Reiki?

  • The five Reiki precepts

  • The science of cymatics

  • Healing meditations and visualisations

Meditation is the practice of taking time to sit quietly in stillness.  Visualisation is the practice of guiding the mind into a state of deeper awareness of inner self.  Music and mantra are soothing to the mind and soul.  Reiki chakra balancing hand positions aims to bring greater balance and inner tranquil states. 

This course combines all the above methods to enable the student to venture into states of balance, harmony and stillness. 

This is a great course that will help to draw your mind away from the chaos that is permeating our world, causing distress, anger and a myriad of other negative feelings. 

This is a great course that will help you to begin to detach and release yourself from the pressures, tensions and turmoil of everyday life and bring a feeling of restoration and inner peace.

This is a great course for anyone, anywhere and anytime around the world to begin experiencing Reiki chakra balancing and create a deeper more loving and calming inner being so you become more centred, connected and calm...

I, Deborah, your course instructor, look forward to sharing this time together, on the inside.  And inside this course there are 5 meditations, that aim to bring balance to brain, body and being.  Students are encouraged to practice each individual meditation for 21 days, keep a journal of their experiences and see the difference.  This course can be returned to time and again to maintain on-going inner harmony and balance. 

Reiki Chakra Balance Healing Meditations

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