This course continues the students learning from the level 2 course and includes:

  • Role and responsibility of the Aromatherapist

  • Continued professional development

  • Workplace and treatment area; health, safety and security

  • Equipment, treatment products; 30 essential oils, butters and waxes

  • Body massage; techniques and application

  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology; the immune system

  • Clients, consultation and selecting essential oils and carrier product

  • Providing aromatherapy massage treatment

  • Aftercare and record keeping

  • Case study; 4 complete case studies are required - 4 people receive 6 full aromatherapy massage treatment which includes the consultation process.

  • Final exam and assignments assess the students learning.


This curse is multi-media, home study, distance learning.  Students will be required to submit an email address that they can receive their course links and pdf Diploma to.   A hard copy of the Diploma will incur addtional fees.   Other additional fees include the exam fee which is £55.00

Note: it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions and other policies in palce and to consider your legal cooling period, which you forfiet upon commencing the programme.  This secures your dedication ot learning.

Aromatherapy, level 3; Certified Diploma course

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