It is a pre-requisite to the professional aromatherapist diploma course to have completed this course.  Upon completion and submission of coursework, a computer based diary of learning and final exam students will receive a certificate of completion from Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy (no sooner than 8 weeks after completion of the course) and allows the student to apply to continue their learning onto the diploma level course which is approved with the IICT and which allows for professional practice..  Before commencing this course please take a look at the free "aromatherapy for you course" which provides a basic overview into Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice stemming back some thousands of years.  It is an art and science of utilising aromatic essential oils to aid health and well-being.  These essential oils are collected from plant material; flowers, seeds, roots, tree bark are just some of the materials essential oils are collected from.  The essential oils have therapeutic properties that aid many ailments, help with nourishing our mind and body, and lift our spirits.  

In this course students learn:

  • Professional standards for therapists

  • Reception and consultation

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • A brief History of Aromatherapy

  • What is Aromatherapy?

  • What is essential oils?

  • Where essential oils come from.

  • How essential oils enter the body

  • What are carrier oils?

  • Methods of collection essential oils.

  • Purchasing essential oils

  • Blending, mixing and dilution that have some demonstration videos with them

  • Health, safety and storage of essential oils

  • A brief look at plant families

  • A to Z of essential oils (therapeutic properties, uses and applications)

  • Self application of essential oil massage blends - demonstrations​

Aromatherapy, level 2; Intermediate course.

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