You Clinic and Professional Appearance

Appreciating a dress code

As a receptionist, or first point of contact in your clinic or any business where you are employed, you provide the first impression a customer has when they walk through the door.

You are responsible for making a professional first impression and a part of that is how your attire. A dress code is essential for anyone who meets with the public and you need to look professional at all times. This includes the clothing you should be wearing, things you should be doing and things you should never do or wear when you are in a position that is meeting with the public.

Modesty is a must

As a general rule when shopping for work clothes, focus on modesty, safety and also durability. There should be a difference in your wardrobe between work and casual attire. The clothing you wear for work should be modest and directed by your profession, for example a holistic therapist will don a tunic, trousers and low healed footwear. The clothing will be comfortable, clean and ironed, will be eye catching in that they will give the customer a great impression of the business. These items of clothing are not akin to what you would wear for night out on the town and going to nightclubs

Modern and stylish

Dressing modestly does not mean you have to dress in old fashioned clothing unless the business has a ‘vintage’ style but a modern style is more suitable.

Fashion magazines offer inspirational ideas. Television programmes can offer some ideas of fashion and accessories for work wear. However though inspiration can be gains ensure that your work attire needs to meet the strict instructions from the company or business that you work for and the role you will fulfil. Avoid exposing your tummy with revealing dress, this is applicable to having belly piercings, tattoos and any other work must simply be kept covered as this promotes a professional image. Some businesses and companies have strict rules in relation to their dress code. It is wise to ensure you know your employers requirements before purchasing your attire.

Hemlines and legs

When choosing appropriate dress or clothing for work, and where you are not wearing trousers but a dress or skirt instead then the ‘knee rule’ is applicable. Clothing such as mini skirts, shorts and hot pants are definitely not the right choice for the working environment, although your area of work and type of employment will determine your attire. As a receptionist promoting a professional image for your post and to meet your employers requirements, choose skirts or dresses that have a hemline that comes to your knee as this promotes the professional image at all times.

Avoid sloppy dress