Tissue salts and natural health

Dr Schuessler tissue salts

This is a brief introduction to the cell salts also known as biochemic salts, and something very beneficial to our health and wellbeing and which we're not taught about in the process of being treated for pelvic floor and or bladder/bowel issues. You'll note further on the areas of function that requires hissed salts.

What we look at here is:

  • a quick disclaimer and disclosure,

  • background overview of Schuessler and the salts,

  • the salts are listed along with the body areas they each assist.

Disclaimer and disclosure

I'm not affiliated with any company's I share with you, neither does this educational and information document constitute medical advice or replacement of medical investigations and intervention. The reader accepts full responsibility for their choices with their health decisions and the author is no held liable for any loss or damages arising.

12 tissue salts identify as essential to health and wellbeing and for specific systems and functions of the body.

Background- Who was Schuessler?

A German biochemist and physician in Olderberg, Germany 1873 wrote about twelve mineral salts he believed essential to good health. His followers went on to discover a further 15 salts.

What are the salts?

The salts are minerals and Schuessler salts are produced homoeopathically and so they are highly diluted; like vitamins and minerals we don't require mega doses but we need them for good health.

Where can I find the tissue salts?

These can be found in food however the foods we have today are quite lacking due to the methods of farming employed so quality and quantity is not easily identifiable. As tissue salts are diluted there's no issue of potential of over taking them but we only take them if we need. We can also purchase salts from companies such as helios pharmacy in London, they provide a combination salts and with higher potency.

The remedies are:

Calc flour

Bone, teeth, ligaments, veins and muscles.

Calc phos

Bones, teeth and muscles.

Calc sulph

Blood, mucus membranes and skin.

Ferr phos


Kali mur

Blood, muscles, saliva, mucus membranes

Kali phos

Nerves, brain, muscles

Kali sulph

Mucus membranes, skin, lungs,

Mag phos

Muscles and nerves

Nat mur

Mucus membranes and skin

Nat phos

Stomach and intestines

Nat sulph

Head and liver


Bones, teeth, glans, hair, nails, skin, mucus membranes. There is a caution with this remedy around implants. Silica has been noted to potentially dislodged implants and so is advised not to use it.

Each salt will hold a symptom picture and this is both emotional and physical and bring more details in the next post about these. I also advise about how to take the remedies and antidotes.

The tissue salts do get interesting as they have also been related to zodiac signs and facial analysis is possible to really address individual requirements.

Taking homoeopathic tissue salts requires specific information.

Clean mouth, by this you haven't eaten, taken fluids, avoided essential oils, peppermint, tabaco, for 30 before taking remedy.

The remedy is placed under the tongue and absorbed sublingually, no chewing or water.

No food , drink etc for 30 minutes after taking remedy.

Take 30c potency 4 times a day for 10days or stop when improvements are felt.

Talk to your health care provider about your health and wellbeing and use of remedies.

Keep the remedies in their containers and out of children's reach, in cool and dark area away from electro magnetic fields as much as possible.

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