The third eye and crown chakras and essential oils

This is an excerpt from our level three Professional Diploma Aromatherapy training course and a section in which students learn about essential oils for the Chakras and some extra detail to clear, balance, harmonise and energise the Chakras...

Moving onto to the third eye chakra; Ajna is located in our forehead between our two physical eyes. It rotates in a clock wise manner. When balanced we feel clear, focused, and easily distinguish between illusion and truth. We open to wisdom and insight; we connect to what is beyond science and physical manifestation. This chakra is the seat of dreams; we have inner vision, spiritual direction and wisdom. We also experience good levels of intuition and allow our deep inner voice to guide us.

The life lessons presented by this chakra are: checking our reality, detachment from the illusion of the world, understanding of what, why, where, who, how of personal experience in relation to person psychic phenomena, open mindedness without loss of personal boundaries and integrity, intuition and trusting this. Psychic ability, self-realization, releasing of old repressed negative thoughts; we see clearly both symbolically and literally.

Physical imbalances present as headaches, blurred vision, sinus issues, eyestrain, seizures, hearing loss, hormone dysfunction. Emotional/mental imbalance presents as moodiness, volatility, self-reflection – unable to view own fears or to learn from others; there is a frequent day-dream effect and exaggerated imagination, poor co-ordination and sleep disorders.

Ask yourself the following questions and if you answer yes to any or all of them then this chakra will enjoy some of the exercises shared below.

Am I repressing old and unpleasant negative thoughts?