The laws of powers

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

A personal experience

Law two

Forgive and bless others intentionally, mindfully, thoughtfully and emotionally.  This will return to you as feeling of freedom, liberty and release.  Remember that holding onto anger, fury, rage, bitterness and spite that you will fall pray to seeking revenge.  God’s son informed us through the Lords Prayer to forgive and this in and of itself is a blessing.

We curse our very self when we hold onto the feelings of resentment.  We betray our own soul and the Devil, his co-operatives and his Jezebel are watching syphoning lots of lovely soul energy from you and you are draining your vital spiritual source energy as you continue to engage in holding onto anger.  

Malevolence in the world is at an all time high, and the energy that feeds this is rage, anger, hate.  Say out to yourself or quietly to yourself that you hate something or someone often enough and experience how your body feels.  Note how you begin to move into deeper states of rage and resentment.  

We can see this exhibited around the world as wars are created, leading to infections, diseases, food shortage and hunger, and al other manner of crisis that stirs up the emotions in people. Then people begin in peaceful protest that leads to rioting and destruction as emotions run higher and higher, fuelled on wanting change, power and adrenaline.  This continues to perpetuate and manifests in more suffering of all. The real joy of the satanic dark forces is humans behaving like thuggish demons.

This all started way back in humans history and in the Bible Cain is found to have murdered his brother Abel.  Jealousy led to rage and to murder.  Is that how you want to be?  We can notice signs of Satanic and demonic forces at work through people by their actions.  If it was Gods force working through a person their actions would differ and contrast greatly.

In my personal life I have experience the results of another’s anger, rage, hatred and animosity.  Indeed there was nothing worse than the hate I began to feel against myself.  I was the most awful person on the planet, I was unworthy of anyone treating me kindly, with compassion or respect.  This manifested in many different ways and eventually I felt I was carrying a heavy, dark and immense burden.

Those experiences were designed to severe my connection to God, our heavenly father.  This was Satanic forces in action in my life through others but also through myself.  I didn’t look after myself, indeed everyone else became more important and I was insignificant unless it was to be their scapegoat.  I blamed God, I held God responsible for the suffering inflicted upon me, I held God to blame that I became a horrible person and I did act in such awful manner to myself and to people I love.

As a human we feel uncomfortable with the truth of our own sins, our own misdeeds, we have what physiologists call defence mechanisms in place that attempt to prevent our conscious mind accessing that what is soul challenging.  But if we are to follow the first rule of being truthful and honest then we have to overcome the first obstacle of these mechanisms.  

As these mechanisms weaken all those horrible thoughts, images of memories, termed flash backs revisit, we are faced with what some call a dark knight of the soul; yes my spelling is deliberate as a dark knight would cause great wounding and this is what emerges and what we must face.  After the dark knight has emerged and we purge ourselves of those sins we then experience Dantes inferno.

Our soul burns away the deeds and we become consecrated and purged.  This allows us to sit as an empty vessel, purified and cleaned.  We now have time to observe our memories in a different light.  We can review our actions; we may not recognise that these were choices but here there is no judgement.  Judgement is suspended and God is with us, holding our hearts and souls in his heart enabling us to see the errors of our way, supporting us to make sense of the insensible.  We recognise our guilt, our wrong doing, we recognise that in admission of the truth of our actions we have shifted to being able to own up to, take responsibility for and stop blaming God who really when you think about it isn’t to blame for anything that is happening, or has ever happened on the planet or in your life.

Taking responsibility is a huge step on your road of recovery of your soul, spirit and creating a deep connection to God.  Satan hates this, as too his forces.  But that is ok, as in Gods heart you are safe and protected.  God is the redeemer of sin and you are working towards redemption with his blessing.

You take corrective measures and begin to feel as if like the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes as you reclaim your birthrights one bit at a time.  Your birthright of being connected to God, being in worship of Him and walking his path.  You continue to take corrective actions to mitigate the harm done to others.  This making amends can take many forms; praying for the injured party to forgive you, prayer to forgive yourself, compensating the injured parties who have passed through your life, or simply seeking to help your community.

The most important part of this is working to forgive yourself but you can do it and God will help.  Eventually you come to accept that the past is that, that you have worked and achieved purging your soul, cleaning your temple of demonic forces, clean up your life and your actions and are purposefully and deliberately choosing to live in alignment with Gods law, which is absolute.

As you progress in cleaning up your life it can be daunting.  I struggled with forgiveness, but I acknowledged the the truth of my experience of that time.  People would tell me I had to forgive.  I told people I can not forgive, I would not forgive those who had harmed me.  This was keeping me disconnected from God but most of all I was remaining angry for the hurts and harms that had been inflicted upon me without even thinking about how I had reacted towards others who done no wrong to me!

But I found it simple and very easy to bless those who had harmed me.  I blessed them and blessed them.  And of course the Bible tells us ‘what you sow you reap’.  I reaped blessings too.  I believe I reaped enough blessings to be able to not feel so angry, or revengeful or enraged.  I began to recognise that my resistance to forgiving was strong, I didn’t know how it felt to forgive, and I didn’t know what it looked like because I had not yet forgiven myself.

I reiterate from my earlier post, The laws of power, a personal experience law one

‘Beginning to change your life, to clean up your house and get things in order starts with disconnecting from main stream media.  Taking greater care of what you feed your mind through nourishing programming such as gardening and growing is a reintroduction to reprogramming your neural network system.  And yes I have deliberately used the word programming because main stream media, including Hollywood films and such include subliminal messaging that goes right to our subconscious mind and creates internal conflicts with our soul who lashes out as ego wounding’.  

Taking this as a second step following from the first, then leads to other steps, these create a new style of living a life of abundance of joy, truthfulness and honesty begin to make themselves know to you as your soul begins to release the programming from your brain, body, being.  Try this second law out for 21 days along with the second Reiki practice of balancing third eye and root chakras with the youtube video that does not have advertising, does not incorporate subliminal programming and does not feed into mass hysteria.

Keep a diary of experience if you wish, and if you are courageous enough to share a comment please do so.  Keep it kind and create compassion whilst maintaining truth and honesty.  And if you feel there are family, friends and loved ones who may find this lesson on the first law and it’s healing meditation useful then share the link with them.  Let us create a new beginning for humanity together through promoting truth and honesty.  

To help you with this a little Reiki practice to ease the anger to revenge scale and create some blessed freedom and from there move into forgiving yourself, others and know that God forgives each person who reaches out to him in prayer, and be confident God answers these petitions… blessed be, namaste.

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