The laws of powers

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

A personal experience

Law one

Be honest and truthful in your thought, word and deed.  This will return to you in the form of trust, respect and dignity.  When others attempt to dupe you remember Jezebel, she is the wicked ones mistress and will mislead with deception and manipulation.  When one places trust in another it is a duty to ensure that trust is not betrayed. Betrayal not only hurts the person who has been betrayed but inflicts a self-sabotaging Karma upon the person who has actioned the betrayal.

There is now a level of malevolence in the world that is becoming very clear to awakened humanity which has been present from the beginning of time.  For example when Adam and his wife were duped by Satan and took the fruit forbidden them.  In accepting Satan’s lies they believed God their creator lied.  Since that time all humanity has carried the burden of good and bad, right and wrong, and sin.  We have misplaced our trust as a world wide society in those of power; elites, aristocrats, politicians, and their organisations. Their inhumanity, often guised in kind gestures, a sing of their inner being and their allegiance only to their own kind.

Identifying the Satanic and Jezebel energy is quite easy. Those people who have singed up to that energy will conduct themselves in a certain way. They say things like 'we are of service to you the public'. But we pay our taxes and so they should be of service to us 'little people'. They create a manifesto and pledge promises that are alluring. Yet when they obtain their status and power position they turn on the people they claim to be of service to with cruel laws that impose Universal credit, limit the number of children to a family, refuse medical care to the elderly and disabled under the guise of 'protecting the vulnerable'. To them protecting the vulnerable is all about protecting their own interests and those interests of their friends. The term 'dog eat dog' comes to mind and this is cannibalistic another sing of the satanic and jezebel energy in action.

That energy then permeates everyone and we see chaos, confusion, destruction and malevolence everywhere. Hyped up by the media to create a sliding scale of worry, anxiety, fear, terror and panic. Where do you sit on that scale? Have you had the confidence sucked out of your soul? Do you feel you have had your soul sucked out of your body?! You see when any of us live in those energies we loose our sovereign energy, we are disconnected from our creator, God, Divine wisdom and we no longer pray. Depression can be the result of worry to panic. along with apathy, sorrow, grief, loss and death; by death mean death of joy, vitality and the pure bliss of freedom.

Reclaim your lost power and personal sovereign rights,; this is our planet, we have every right to be here, and we have every right to breathe clean, unpolluted air from thriving forests, drink clean, unpolluted water from clean sources even if that source is harvesting our own rain water, eating nourishing, wholesome food grown from organic, none GMO, seed and even seed collected and saved, and lastly to dance and sing.  We are humanity and we each can choose to radicalise into humanity and be the blessed being that is Gods kingdom here on Earth.

Beginning to change your life, to clean up your house and get things in order starts with disconnecting from main stream media.  Taking greater care of what you feed your mind through nourishing programming such as gardening and growing is a reintroduction to reprogramming your neural network system.  And yes I have deliberately used the word programming because main stream media, including Hollywood films and such include subliminal messaging that goes right to our subconscious mind and creates internal conflicts with our soul who lashes out as ego wounding.  

Taking this as a first step then leads to other steps, these create a new style of living a life of abundance of joy, truthfulness and honesty begin to make themselves know to you as your soul begins to release the programming from your brain, body, being.  Try this first law out for 21 days along with the first Reiki practice of balancing heart and root chakras with the youtube video that does not have advertising, does not incorporate subliminal programming and does not feed into mass hysteria.

Keep a diary of experience if you wish, and if you are courageous enough to share a comment please do so.  Keep it kind and create compassion whilst maintaining truth and honesty.  And if you feel there are family, friends and loved ones who may find this lesson on the first law and it’s healing meditation useful then share the link with them.  Let us create a new beginning for humanity together through promoting truth and honesty.  

To help you with this a little Reiki practice to ease the worry to panic scale and create some blessed peace to joy.

Thanks for being hear and thanks for sharing your time, I’m grateful to you for this.  Nameste.

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