Selecting Flower remedies

The selection of flowers are founded in the present time emotional state of the person who is requiring or requesting help. This is where self-knowledge of emotional state is important or where the therapist will ask questions to gain a clear understanding of the current emotional state.

The persons usual personality, who they are at their core, also plays a role in the selection of flower essences as well as the intention behind the use of the essences. For example you may be a shy, timid and solitary person who likes to do activities alone but you wish to develop more openness and extroversion.

It is possible to select up to seven essences and mix them however this is not as potent as one to three specific choices. By narrowing the choice to no more than 3 remedies there is a greater opportunity to bring about improvement - here less is more in the realm of restoring harmony and balance to our emotions and energy systems.

Here the different characters of the essences can create a match. This is a fairly simplistic overview around selection of the essences but it covers the process in basic terms.

Rock water/Aqua Petra:

Here the key words indicating the need for this remedy are:

Inflexible, harsh upon the self, too rigid, self-disciplined, repression and self-denial, inflexible

The person requiring this remedy will have very fixed and inflexible beliefs, they impose extremely high standards, strict discipline and see this as setting an example to others; they will even deny themselves small luxuries and be extremely rigid in their daily living.

This remedy will aid restoration of flexibility and relax the person into allowing themselves to let up on a self-punishing attitude and allow themselves freedom to enjoy life and even small luxuries.

This remedy will release suppressed physical and emotional needs allowing the person a fuller range of experience by virtue of accepting the fullness of being self and the freedom from dogmatic inflexibility allows real and lasting change.

Essential oils that can facilitate balance are Bergamot, Clary sage, Rose Otto and Sandalwood.

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