Ready for Reopening!

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Returning to work after lock-down can be made easier with some simple additional training. During the corona virus pandemic confidence is challenged and the levels of stress increase risk to immune health.

In order to become resilient to such challenges holistic therapists can take a number of steps such as practising mindfulness and yoga, Reiki and self-massage.  However they are also obligated to continue their professional development which is easy to achieve through home study and distance learning.

The course created by Deborah aims to inform students and support them in creating a check list, work place policy based upon current guidelines around the corona-virus, covid-19/SARS-2 virus infectious disease.

This course will give students information that will build confidence in their practice as a holistic therapist as they begin to consider returning to work and provides active information that develops a sound knowledge base.

This course can be useful for all workforce personnel as a foundation to build upon a more personalised approach in handling and controlling infection and prevention and the spread of infection.

The coupon code provides lifetime access to our course, that can be accessed anytime, any place around the world for a one off, reduced fee. There is a supportive platform and updates will be made available where policy changes.