Natural Organic Oral Care

The first steps to good health and well-being start with our daily rituals, habits and practices. I have a routine that I attend to and I always feel much better as my day flows much easier. One of the practices I employ is the use of essential oil and hydrosol.

Hydrosol is the by product of essential oil production. In times past the waters were the important factor and the essential oil was often discarded. As time passed the waters became redundant and almost forgotten about.

These precious waters are making a return to the market place and offer many benefits such as a beauty spritz, linen spray, air spray and even useful in mouth rinses. The level one Introduction to Aromatherapy course shares some basics with students and also a wonderful simple and easy mouth rinse recipe that will help to reduce oral bacteria, inflammation, refresh the mouth and restore good oral hygiene to its prominent position - all good health begins with a well cared for mouth.

But simply mixing hydrosol waters that are GMO and Organic certified into a clean, sterile glass jar along with a drop or two of mint essential oil can be used as a replacement to shop bought mouth washes that are full of chemicals.