Lovely Lavender

Essential oil name Lavender

Latin name Lavandula angustifolia

Note/perfume middle with medium intensity, herbal, floral scent with hints of balsamic woody tones.

Family Labiatae

Extraction method Steam distillation

Main chemistry Linalool, linalyl acetate

Plant description:

A woody shrub that grows to about 3 foot in height, with narrow, spike leaves of a green-grey hue. The flowers are purple-blue and there are many tiny blossoms on a spike like projection that creates a flower head.

Therapeutic actions :

some of the actions for lavender oil are anti-microbial, antiseptic, anti-convulsive, analgesic

Therapeutic uses multi use for skin, circulation, joints and muscles, respiratory, digestive, genito/urinary and nervous systems: ringworm, scabies, lice, psoriasis, spots sunburn, lumbago, asthma, catarrh, flu, colic, flatulence, cystitis and migraine are just a few matters can be aided by lavender.

Safety data:

there is no known toxic, irritant or sensitising effects noted.but remain aware that we are all individual and there is always the potential for someone to have an unwanted response.


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