How to take flower remedies.


In the holistic process we aim to treat the individual not the symptoms although the individual will be seeking to relieve their symptoms. The dosage required is minimal; like the homoeopathic remedies these are tiny amounts will deliver results without harmful side effects. Flower remedies are to be diluted with water, spring water is recommended but tap water can be used also. However personally after researching and learning about the process our drinking water goes through I began to filter my own tap water many years ago.

In my further research I discovered the plastic filtering jugs and their devices leached pcb’s and so whilst removing as much chlorine and fluoride as I could I was still getting a dose of a different toxin! This has no led to water being filtered and distilled for all my drinking and cooking needs; the only alcohol to pass my mouth is within the remedies. As mentioned previously I had only filtered tap water using a filter jug with carbon filtration; the water still had detectable traces of chlorine and fluoride that I could smell! The past 3 months I have used a distiller with filtration and the difference is detectable; the smell of the tap water is still of diluted bleach yet once through the distiller there is no smell.

We are encouraged to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Science shows that fluoride and chloride destroy bacteria – that is all the good bacteria in our gut and throughout the body and so in my opinion leads to conditions such as heartburn and other gastric problems. Fluoride has been shown repeatedly to cause fluorosis and other problems. But here I digress please research distillation if you wish this is my own personal preference. So to take remedies please follow the following instructions.

The process

Into a cup add 30mls of water. Then to this water add 2 drops of the required remedy and sip at intervals throughout the day. Alternatively to a bottle of water add 2 drops of required remedy and take 4 drops of the mixture 4 times daily until relief is obtained.

Dandelion flower essence (not part of the Bach flower remedy system)

Taraxacum officinale