• Deborah Casey

Homoeopathy and Eye bright

Name of remedy: Eye bright

Plant family and Latin name: Scrophulariaceae, Euphrasia officinalis

Country of origin:This plant is found in Britain, northern and western Asia, north America, and Europe.

Background information: Eye bright grows in meadows, grassy areas, heaths and pastures. It is a member of the foxglove family. This plant will grow to about 8 inches tall with downy type hairs covering the stems that produce toothed leaves. White or purple flowers grow and there is red spots and the petals look like the red, blood shot eyes. The plant material is rich in various nutrients.

Homoeopathic symptom picture: The person suitable for this remedy will often experience increased light sensitivity, they will often blink, and the eyes are generally red, burning and bloodshot with itching eyelids, there maybe a sensation of a hair or sand grains irritating the eye. Other issues are afflictions of the mucous membranes; eyes (already mentioned), nasal passages, mouth, throat and chest. There is vast watery discharges and secretions in the form of catarrh and phlegm.

Better for: The person who will benefit from this remedy will feel better for being in the open air, cold compresses, nosebleeds, rubbing and winking the eyes.

Worse for: The person who will benefit from this remedy will feel worse for sunlight, wind, computer screen lights, fluorescent light.

Areas of applications: The main area of application is around issues of the eyes such as hay fever and allergies, conjunctivitis, eyestrain, swollen eyelids, coughs, colds, measles.

Pain type: The pain experienced by the person who may benefit from this remedy are burning and soreness

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There are a variety of remedy potency and most often the 6X dilution is indicated and which can be given frequently. Deborah’s personal preference is 30X. It is always wise to conduct further reading around the remedies, their potency and how to take them before taking them.

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