Homoeopathic and Colocynth

Name of remedy: Bitter apple

Plant family and Latin name: Cucurbitaceae, Colocynthis citrullus

Country of origin:

This plant, with leaves similar to those of the watermelon plant, and which produces yellow flowers on hairy stems that produces bitter fruits, is native to Turkey, Asia, west coast of Africa, Egypt, Nubia and India.

Background information

This is a plant that is noted to have been cultivated and used back as far as 500 B.C. This is a plant that loves sandy soils of desert nature found in Mediterranean areas. This fruit has been used as a purgative, oil derived from the seeds is used in soap making, and Bedouin use ground seeds to make bread. Various components of this plant have shown larvicidal actions against mosquitoes. There are noted risks with this produce; including kidney damage, abortion and death! The seeds are noted to be none toxic/poisonous.

Homoeopathic symptom picture:

The person who could benefit from this remedy will be easily offended, and have many complaints caused by anger. They may scream, faint or vomit from pain. There is complaints of pain in the hips, the nerves of the abdomen, face and sciatic are affected. Where babies are afflicted with colic they will appear more settled on their tummy, and has been indicated as an anti-dote to lead poisoning.

Better for:

The person who requires this remedy will feel better with hard pressure, bending double over, heat, rest, laying on the painful side, drinking coffee, tobacco and day time.

Worse for:

The person indicated for this remedy will feel worse for feeling angry, foods, night time.

Areas of applications: