Homeopathic remedies for acute conditions...

Homoeopathic remedies for acute conditions is a course that provides a broad overview of this natural health modality. The course provides profiles for various remedies useful in acute states, also known as first aid such as post operative care.

This course is now available at a greatly reduced fee with our course link code by clicking on the picture below.

I hope you found the Homoeopathy articles on this site to be interesting and informative. These snippets aim to share with the reader some of the valuable remedies available that we can use safely.

Homoeopathy is a vast subject and takes many years to learn thoroughly and these snippets do not replace seeking medical assessment, investigation, advice or treatment and you the reader are solely responsible in that matter. The remedies are made by specialist pharmacy and all products are obtained from nature - no chemicals, gmo's etc.

Our short course, homoeopathic remedies for acute conditions is educational, informative and useful as a first stage in learning this wonderful energy healing modality. This course provides lifetime and unlimited access to learning materials, a platform where you can ask course related questions, receive a certificate of completion and you’ll also discover how I’ve personally used this modality to aid my own health, well-being and recovery from major surgical procedures.

In the course there are links to evidenced based research as well which supports the proof of the effectiveness of homoeopathy

This course may support previous learning or may inspire you to go further in your learning and I am eager to support your learning goals. I look forward to meeting you in our educational platform.