Homeopathic and Ruta; herb of grace

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Plant family and Latin name:

Ruta Graveolens (Ruta or Herb of Grace), Rutaceae

Country of origin:

Ruta is a plant native to Mediterranean region/Balkans and southwest Asia but now commonly grown in other areas.

Background information

Ruta belongs to species of highly fragrant, ever green subshrubs. These shrubs grow to around 20 to 60 cm in height; there are said to be some eight to forty species within the genus.

Homoeopathic symptom picture:

The person who could benefit from this remedy will feel restless with aches and there is an intense fatigue. The person may also express hopelessness, discontentment, anxiety and panic. The hamstrings feel short and tight and the thigh bone(s) feel as if they are broken. There are complaints of stiffness and soreness which can affect the whole body which feels worse on cold, damp days. The person prefers warmth and gentle movement which can ease the pains.

Better for:

The person will feel better for resting in a warm and dry area, and will feel better lying on the back where backache is an issue and not being touched.

Worse for:

The person will feel worse for over-exertion, when lying down or resting and it is the areas upon which the person is resting that become sore and tender. The person feels worse for cold and damp, wet weather. The person will feel worse for touch.

Areas of applications:

Where there is injury to bone, tendon, cartilage, and periosteum. Particular noted for hand