Holistic therapy professional and student memberships

As a qualified holistic therapist in many modalities I found that being a member of a professional organisation was essential to my professional practice as well as my private holistic therapy business.

When I was a student I had no idea about membership organisations and my tutor was so very supportive to me and my entire class.  I felt really fortunate as she outlined and described what seemed to be the only membership group of the time.

As time passed I took additional training, this was both in person, classroom training and also online, home study training which didn’t provide must support.  But I was diligent, had lots of friends for those case studies and those friends were patient with me as I learned the routines to meet my learning outcomes.  

When I gained my diplomas from the home study courses I discovered my membership group did not, and would  not, accept them.  I was not only angry, but also very disappointed as I had put such a lot of work into my self-learning; indeed I feel much more than the in-person, classroom courses.  But with the advent of internet I found another membership group that was very happy to accept my diplomas for my home study training.  

As I began to develop more I found I wanted to be able to teach people what I was practising. Colleges and other training schools were out of the question due to my disabilities arising from medical injury,  Also the fees they charged were, and still are, expensive for most people.  

The previous membership group offered qualified members, with teaching background, the opportunity to teach for them.  I was thrilled but then their rules were overwhelming and very costly.  Not put off I conducted my own skills check, I realised I had everything to teach.  I also realised I had to upgrade my technical skills and was that frustrating especially when pain, lack of sleep and other symptoms of mesh injuries were constant.

An extensive range of learning is available and is growing all the time.