Holistic Approaches; ten tips to incremental health improvements

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

In the world of holistic therapy the connection of mind, body and soul, or as I prefer brain, body, being, is achieved through the application of a variety of activities of daily living. The notion of activities of daily living was developed by Roper, Logan and Tierney in their nursing model based on a model of living which addresses all areas of activities that the person undertakes each day from maintaining a safe environment to sleeping at night. And just in case you are wondering what this nursing model is about here is a list of the areas that are assessed using the model:

  1. maintaining a safe environment

  2. communication

  3. breathing

  4. eating and drinking

  5. elimination

  6. washing and dressing

  7. controlling temperature

  8. mobilisation

  9. working and playing

  10. sleeping

From the basis above I share with you a holistic and complementary therapists holistic approach below based upon my own personal application to my own daily activity of living:

I view all my activities of living as Spiritual Practices;

Breathing, meditation, prayer and self-healing with Reiki

Hydration with filtered water that is energised with lemon, mint leaves, apple cider vinegar, or other natural sources to flavour and restore healing properties.

Nutrition with fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, oats, eggs, butter and meat - I no longer practice vegetarian approaches based on the burning of the rain forests for the production of soy!

Exercise; Chi Kung, Yoga, gentle walking and swimming, we don&#