Happy with Homoeopathy

I hope you found the Aromatherapy posts interesting and informative, and of value. I also hope you signed up to my free 'Taste of Aromatherapy' course' that gives you lifetime and unlimited access to video recorded lessons.

In this next selection of posts I'm going to share a snippet of Homoeopathy with you. Now there are two apparent camps around Homoeopathy and the camp that is against homoeopathy are often backed by big pharma companies (my personal opinion based upon my own reading). Those in the camp for homoeopathy tend to be open minded, desire to learn about this natural approach to healing and willing to give the approach a fair go.

In this selection I will share some personal uses of homoeopathy as well as some remedy profiles. There is a basic homoeopathic course available to the reader for a small fee. This does give the student of the course lifetime and unlimited access to recorded and written materials, along with links to research around homoeopathic treatments.

A back ground to me and homoeopathy.

I had no plans to study Homoeopathy albeit some time ago I had been interested in a short introductory course. But there was never enough students to attend a class and so it was not meant to be and I put any desire to learn this modality on the back burner.

It was due to a medical device causing complications that drove me to ask questions; 'what was the matter?' and 'what could I do about it?' I enrolled onto my diploma in Homoeopathy home study course and set about my learning. It took almost a year and I used myself as a case study. The remedies offered good effect for specific ailments but my pain and mobility issue was due to a medical implant.

Only when the medical device was removed did I have any real hope of recovery and to be pain free and have improved quality of life. And it was after the surgical procedure, in which the medical device was removed, I asked if I could use my homoeopathic remedies, a selection of which I had taken into hospital, that I discovered a perspective held by the medics!

I was asked not to use the remedies in case they conflicted with any of their medicines! But medics hold the notion that the remedies are 'placebo' in effect! Later I asked my surgeon if I could use the remedies to which she answered 'not to use anything that would affect tinziparin'!