Happy Homoeopathy A free introductory course

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

This is a short online course that is based upon my own education and learning, and my own personal use of homeopathy.  This is the first two parts and other parts will follow so check back...

Let us begin with where the word homoeopathy and then take a look at a definition of the word…

1. The word homoeopathy is derived from two Greek words; ο Χόμιος which translates and means homios and Πάθος which translates and means pathos. These two Greek words are combined together they translate and mean similar suffering.

2. Homoeopathic medicine is founded upon ancient wisdom as developed by Hippocrates and much later Dr Samuel Hahnemann shunned by many in conventional medicine of his time and still today shunned. However it is interesting that the British Royal Family, in particular the monarch of the time, has a homoeopath in their employ and is said to take a black box of remedies with her wherever she goes. The placebo affect is another issue that is often referred to however this would suggest the power is in the belief around the remedy or treatment – if this is so then it could be that we simply address our beliefs and then we won’t require medicine but this is simply silly as there are times when conventional medicine is absolutely necessary.

3. Homoeopathy is also a holistic and system of natural medicine; the homoeopathic doctor or practitioner will take a full and complete history of their patient that is different to that of a conventional medical practitioner.

A conventional medical practitioner often is limited to a few minutes with a patient; they will look at one symptom such as back pain, tummy pain, or sore eyes or a headache. There can be simple solutions to these problems such as back pain could be a sign of kidney infection and plenty fluids can help to clear this up but if there are other symptoms then further treatment can be provided however over use of anti-biotics can pose further problems.

A homoeopathic doctor/practitioner will provide time to their patient, around an hour for their f