• Deborah Casey

Handy aromatic wipes

Let's make personal hand wipes that will save money, reduce waste, and are natural and safe. For this personal product you'll need a few items:

a clean, sterile jar

clean wax strips

Aloe Vera gel

filtered or spring water

2 Hydrosol waters of choice

essential oils of choice

Into your jar add one tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel, add water till about a 1/3rd of the jar is full, replace the lid, then shake the jar to disperse the gel. Remove the lid and add 3 tablespoons each of the hydrosol waters; 6 in total. In my own personal mix I added 2 drops lemon essential oil, 2 drops sweet orange essential oil, and 4 drops lemongrass essential oil. Stir with the spoon and replace the lid and shake to disperse the oils and blend the mix. Remove the lid and then take the clean wax strips, roll them up and place them into the jar carefully and allow them to become fully saturated. Keep in the fridge until use, and should you be taking them along on day outs make sure you store the glass jar in a protective wrapping or transfer the wipes to a safer container.


For my personal blend I chose the following Hydrosols:



Essential oils:

For my personal blend I chose the following essential oils:



Sweet orange

I chose lemon for the refreshing and energising aroma offered, and sweet orange for the refreshing but calming aroma offered and lemongrass because the aroma can help to reduce the attraction of pesky insects. The other great thing about the hydrosol and essential oil blend is that if there's any minor first aid needs, such as scrapes, stings or such, the blend can clean up wounds and provide a first aid to care. Where there is broken skin care must be taken as this can be sore and the best method would be a mild salt saline solution gentle dripped over the area. Always seek appropriate care from medical personnel where necessary.

So I hope you enjoy this wonderful way to incorporate essential oils into daily activities of living Bye for now :)

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