Hand Hygiene and gels! Getting out of hand!

Hand Hygiene and gels!

I am here with a personal opinion about this matter. We must wash our hands before preparing food, before eating food and especially after using the toilet – especially so after having a poop!

So people have gone nuts, bought all the toilet paper, all the hand gel, liquid soap and you have nothing! What can i and my family do? A lot but let's look at norovirus, in brief, firstly.

Norovirus, also known as gastro-enteritis has been around decades and is known as the winter vomiting and diarrhoea bug. It is no fun either, I have suffered an experience, lost a stone in two weeks, felt weak as a kitten and exhausted. I self-isolated and got myself well. In part as I reflect there were a couple of things going on. • I was working in a dirty nursing home – care practices were disgusting. • I had a mesh implant which affects global body systems. • I had a plethora of medications all with side effects and impacting global body systems. • I was working night shift and the afternoon I picked up an extra shift I had not been forewarned of the outbreak, until taking hand over! • My diet and feeding routine took a tumble due to night shift.

The advice is to use liquid hand soap, with warm water, in a specific washing routine to reduce contracting infection, to use hand gel if there is no soap. But what if there is neither soap nor gel?

Simple solution, Saline solution has been used for decades as a wound cleaner, soak your hands and apply the routine as to wash hands and then rinse; I don’t know how effective this is but something is better than nothing. Make up your own organic and natural gel to use after any hand washing activity and to keep hands soft

A natural organic hand gel is affordable.

Linseeds have a dual use; after preparing the gel and straining they can be used in cooking such as making fruity patties.

Simply boil a cup full until it develops a skin and then strain the seeds into a sieve and the liquid/gel into a bowl then into a sterile jar, leave to cool. When cool add essential oils and replace the lid and shake carefully and vigorously. Label the jar with the contents details and the date. Keep out of the reach of children. If you want to share this with children ensure that you check essential oils and dilutions.

Also make sure that anyone pregnant, diabetic or epileptic is safe to use the essential oils chosen. You can choose to use the gel without any essential oils. Essential oils that have been found to be effective in treating viruses in vitro are noted below (it is unknown if they will be effective against C-19 but anything is better than nothing) and delivered by vaporisation and in liquid media but could be useful in your natural and organic, alcohol free, gel base:

• Cinnamon leaf oil • Bergamot oil • Lemongrass oil • Lavender oil • Thyme oil • Geranium oil • Eucalyptus oil

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