Gorgeous Geranium

Essential oil name Geranium

Latin name Pelargonium graveolens

Note/perfume middle note, warm, floral, sweet,

Family geraniaceae

Extraction method steam distillation of flowers, leaves and stems

Main chemistry terpene alcohols and esters

Plant description

A small, perennial shrub that grows to about 3 foot high, with green leaves, a single stem with many pink flowering heads that shoots from the leafy plant.

Therapeutic actions some of the actions for Geranium essential oil include: diuretic, antiseptic, stimulating to the lymphatic system, and stypic.

Therapeutic uses multi use for skin, circulation, respiratory, reproductive, endocrine, and nervous systems: ringworm, eczema, lice, wounds, ulcers, cellulitis, menopause, premenstrual tension, nervous tension, neuralgia can benefit with this essential oil.

Safety data may cause contact dermatitis in hypersensitive persons, and care is required for the person with diabetes, otherwise none toxic, none irritant and none sensitising.

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