Free, Reiki course. Uncover and Discover Reiki

Reiki is a natural energy healing modality that encompasses many approaches and practices:

  1. Science

  2. Art and Intuition

  3. Humanities; ancients culture and history

  4. Healing sound frequencies

  5. Sacred healing symbols

  6. Nature and all the elements

  7. Professional approaches

  8. Communication and mindfulness

Maybe you have experienced Reiki and want to know more. and there is so much more to Reiki. Reiki is both a spiritual practice, without dogma and religion, but also an energetic healing system that is so simple and easy to use.

Maybe you want to become a professional Reiki practitioner, or want to learn Reiki solely for your own self and to support those near and dear to you, and the fees are to high; yes there are courses that are extra-ordinarily high priced and they are worth every penny. However for some, even with price payment plans, they are unaffordable and so makes a professional qualification achievable.

Deborah is the founder of Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy, she succumbed to medical injuries and this led to complete upheaval and chaos in her life. She had to manage debilitating and life endangering consequences of mesh, but through it she was guided by Spirit and supported by dear friends. Mesh removal - anniversary 20/02/2020 a magical day for Deborah and it has taken almost a year to be where she is now.

At heart Deborah wants others to accomplish their goals, and so her courses have been reproduced, they have been accepted onto a well-known educational p