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When I hear or read people saying or writing 'wake up sheeple' I tend to think how derogatory the comment is. I considered myself and others awake, but this past year has shown me how asleep I have been. I still seem to reside in some sleepy slumber state as new information wakes me more, the coffee is strong and the reality of life begins to show how being awake in real life is extremely terrifying! Then I recognise the courage it takes to be on this wonderful and beautiful planet. The links I share below will take you to the truth of our reality.

The most virulent and dangerous virus on the planet was the seasonal flu repurposed, repackaged and rebranded to garner the world into submission and to now take a vaccine that the Governments specialists say will not eradicate the virus, but is digging it's way into the RNA of everyone who has had the vaccine and is still yet alive. The vaccine is indeed a big white elephant or a red herring as too the virus which has mutated!

'When you deliberately infect a person with a known virus through vaccine, you can expect to see escalation in cases and in deaths'.

We have lived millennia with microbes, those transform and change and we survive them. Florence Nightingale identified that hygiene, sanitation, good nutritious food, fresh, clean air and sunshine, clean water and space aided recovery, reduced infections and restored health. This was long before the invention of anti-biotics. Even Tuberculosis was effectively treated with sunshine and fresh clean air.

UK Column News is a great go to resource for analysis of the government and UN's and world economic forums plans and events of our times. There we learn the number of people dying at home has escalated and has done with each lockdown - people dying because they are not getting medical treatment. I say now is the time, more than ever before we each need to learn about the old methods of care and treatment; herbs and homeopathic, essential oils and nutritional approaches along with practical applications. 'Ten days of vegetables and water... ' Book of Daniel the Hebrew scriptures.

Below I post links to various pages that will inform you of the world in which we live, that has been cloaked in mystery and hidden from humanity, till now... as you read consider what is it each of us can do to remedy the situation... I believe we must see a restoration of Common Law, a removal of the illegal governments and other institutions and a restoration of rights, freedoms and liberties'.

UK Column News

the bridge

British Constitution Group

Common Law Courts

Greek Medicine

Please look into Professor Delores Cahill, of the Irish freedom Party and who is working with many scientists, doctors, nurses and other health professionals to debunk the propaganda of the main stream media; remember those who stand up, speak up and speak out, will be smeared and accused of spreading false information, but likewise those who run the narrative have been paid millions upon millions to manipulate, deceive and lie to you - I have not received any financial gain in any form, past, present nor at a future point for providing this information here.

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My simple prayer... Guide me God, amen.

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