Flower Remedies and the Chakras

Over the next few weeks I'm going to share some snippets with you from my Flower remedies course; Energy healing with Flower Remedies. Let's begin with the flower remedies and the chakras. Please remember to like, share and subscribe :)

Root Chakra:

We hold onto what no longer serves us - letting go is difficult especially where trust has been breached. We are unable to remain present and grounded and our attention is unfocused and drifts. We are often disorganised, disorientated, chaotic, indecisive, weary, tired and exhausted. Life’s troubles are burdensome, overwhelming and a feeling of burnout is present.

Our creative ideas are on hold as there are problems with motivation. There is a sense of fear, anxiety and personal safety and survival mechanisms are active (fight/flight). There is a difficulty with integration around sorrow and joy and we lack trust in our “self”.

Flower Remedies that can aid restoration of balance:

Cherry Plum Clematis Gorse Pine Sweet chestnut

Note: when this chakra begins to show signs of re-balancing there could be a need to address issues that emerge in the next chakra up. Signs of this chakra balancing are the experience of feeling safe and secure in the world, that we are organised and decisive and have improved energy and vitality. We’ve let go of what is not useful and supportive to our being and begin to trust our self again. (I suggest that when fear is activated that we explore this matter as our intuition is often right why are we experiencing fear? What is going on in life that makes us feel insecure? Have our boundaries been violated? Is there a core value that has been ignored to accommodate someone else?