Essential Oils, more than a drop!

So much more than a drop

Aromatherapy is more than a drop of essential oil. Aromatherapy is an Art and a Science. Aromatherapy incorporates botany, geography, chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, psychology. Aromatherapy is founded in different cultures and provides diversity. Aromatherapy is a global practice and Aromatic massage, in my own opinion is a soothing and decadent therapy. On a different note, Aromatherapy essential oils, are the elements of the weather; the moon, sun, the wind, rain and the insects that pollinate plants.

Aromatherapy is professional standards, ethical growing and harvesting, it is communication through scent and touch, and supports healing in many layers especially where trauma has occurred.

And so we now have a bigger picture of the holistic nature of Aromatherapy.

The world of Aromatherapy has provided many teachers, Gattefosse, being the primary lead in the development of Aromatherapy as practised today. Many other teachers have provided a deeper and sound knowledge base to this practice. As a student of Aromatherapy, desire, dedication and discipline are essential and they ensure your progression in your learning journey.

As a practitioner and teacher of Aromatherapy I also remain a student; dedicated to life long learning and personal development which ensures my own knowledge and understanding remain up to date. This meets my professional requirements of my profession.

A global practice

Aromatherapy is a global practice, all can benefit from safe applications of essential oils. As a therapist you can help yourself, your family, friends and professional therapist will be able to receive paying clients thus Aromatherapy provides a living and an income, so you can provide for yourself and your family.