Developing skills and knowledge to be a great therapist

Today is a blog post with a difference. There is one activity to read through, below, and one roll play, below. To help you with these activities you may conduct a search on google, bing or your personal favourite engine. I really hope this helps you with developing some great knowledge and skills.


Today you received your first client in your private clinic for full body massage treatment. Discuss, with plenty of detail, the factors highlighted on the consultation card and how they will impact the treatment; they have told you about

a)Bruising on a lower area of their right leg (What is a bruise? How would massage affect this?)

b)Scar tissue from an old surgery (What structures are involved, what is a scar?)

c)Recently suffering headaches (What are the usual causes of headache?

d)Experience bouts of IBS (What structures are involved, what are the causes?)

e)Has a nut allergy (What system is at play, What happens during an allergy reaction?)

Role play:

Ask a friend to pretend to be an angry client; they have booked a therapy service, paid a usual, none refundable deposit, and you have had to cancel their appointment at the last minute! With your friend, role play through event to help you gain experience of handling yourself and your client in such matters. Afterwards chat with your friend and ask them to tell you how you did, if there was anything you could have done better and mostly what you did that was really good. Write a short essay about this. You may research other business’s to see how they would handle last minute cancellations.