My inbox has been filled lately with worries and anxieties around coronavirus. The fear is palpable as people here the escalating figures of victims and the death rate number increases. I am no expert in this field, all I know is that viruses can and do mutate and that we have an immune system that acts as a natural defence system.

We can take all manner of hygiene steps which are outlined later but here I want to encourage you to look at your immune system, consider what actions you employ that strengthen or weaken the immune system and to take actions to improve your immune system to optimise your natural defences.

One thing missing from the list of things to do are wearing gloves! The Queen was noticed wearing long sleeve gloves are at a recent event, but she often wears gloves and I feel she may be a lead in our way forward. Gloves can offer some protection from hands picking up bacteria and viruses.

The recommended universal precautions that have been flowing around are:

Hand hygiene and using soap and water to wash the hands for at least 20 seconds frequently. This is the most basic of all public hygiene and can lead to dry skin issues. I suggest a blend of essential oils in a sweet almond base oil to help with moistening after washing. Essential oils also offer anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. My own favourites are lavender, chamomile and frankincense. There is also a big thing about alcohol based hand rubs. I don’t like these they are again drying but also if someone has an alcohol issue can be a potential problem. The blend noted above could act as a replacement.

Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth is another recommendation which is quite impossible in reality. We get itchy eyes and we have to feed ourselves, and then our noses can get itches too. I suggest a tissue with a little of the oil blend above can be dabbed around the areas to ease itch. I also have used saline solution; Himalayan salt in water and a little dabbed around the eyes to ease soreness and itch has been helpful – saline solution is an old fashioned method that is used today for cleaning wounds it’s useful for many things and a saline bath can be very cleansing and soothing.

I have read that we should maintain social distance of about 3 – 6 feet where people are sneezing! We don’t always know when a sneeze will leap out of our being!

Self-isolation; people are being encouraged to self-isolate should they be feeling ill. This is like bolting the gate have the horse has escaped. There is an incubation period for all disease states and as yet there is no clear indication of what this is and so seems a bit none starter.

Personally I am going to make a new batch of hand wipes with aloe vera gel, essential oils and a solution of solay to rinse and bathe myself in. I’m going to keep boosting my immune system with nourishing foods and reducing worry and stress – worry about a virus and you are putting your immune system under more pressure. I’m going to drink plenty of herbal teas and ‘fumigate’ my living area with essential oils in a vaporiser. I’m also going to support my liver and kidney function with milk thistle and solidago, this is because these organs aid elimination and detoxification of the body.

There are no guarantees in life about such issues as viruses and bacteria’s. We can only do our best to promote our own well-being. We each need to take on board personal responsibility for our own actions and omissions for our own choices. I hope this article supports your choices and that you find it helpful too.

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