Contraindications to the use of Aromatic essential oils

In all holistic therapy approaches health and safety is vitally important. To ensure safety of individuals who wish to utilise aromatherapy here are some conditions that require extra care and attention. They are presented in short brief paragraphs with limited information. More information can be obtained through reading blog posts, enrolling onto our E-learning courses and taking professional study. Always seek your GP’s approval before making any lifestyle changes such as incorporating Aromatherapy essential oils into your daily well-being practices.


Special care is required during pregnancy and a greater dilution of oils is recommended. Specific essential oils are safe for use during pregnancy and it is advised to only use essential oils that are recommended. Seeking the advice of a professional Aromatherapist can be invaluable during this special time. Aromatherapy can be helpful for back pain, swollen ankles and legs, anxiety and nausea during pregnancy, and also during labour and post-partum, but care again is needed during lactation and breastfeeding. Speaking to your G.P., midwife, or obstetrician/gynaecologist about the use of aromatherapy can also help to gain a clear idea of using them during your gestation period.

Caution is advised to avoid all toxic essential oils that can harm both mother and foetus; avoid the use of lavender and chamomile during the first trimester/3 months of pregnancy, avoid application of diluted essential oils to the abdomen and dilute to 0.5% to 1%. Avoid all essential oils that are known as emmenagogue as these induce and increase menstruation.


The surgical procedure may have been laparoscopic or a laparotomy to any area of the body. The healing process will take time. Should an infection of the wound occur, or there are any other problems see your G.P. However a mild saline solution and a 1% dilution of essential oils into a balm can aid the case of infection and inflammation. Care is required to ensure that the chosen essential oils will not inhibit the healing of the wound and application must be gentle to avoid stretching the scar and potentially causing it to rupture and open. Please not that scar tissue may appear healed externally but healing can still be taking place internally, there can be a lack of suppleness and sensation to the skin which can occur in abdominal surgery. However medical staff who are tired from long periods standing on their feet, and the stress of a a demanding job will benefit greatly from Aromatic essential oil massage.