Burnt out! The benefits of holistic therapy and massage

Helpguide.org describe burnt out as 'a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands'.

We all experience stress, tension and pressure in our lives. We all employ strategies to reduce the affects of these three 'nightmare' experiences. Sometimes we employ healthy approaches and other times not so healthy choices to navigating stress, tension and pressure.

Now you maybe wondering why I state three words that describe one experience. I have done this because I believe there are three parts in the process of experiencing burn out and burnt out.

  1. Pressure is the first stage; here we are chugging along experiencing pressure to get things done and we are doing them well.

  2. Tension is the second stage; here the pressure is building and we are beginning to struggle with getting things done and feelings of overwhelm begin to emerge.

  3. Stress is the final stage; we have now reached a point where everything is too much, it is a sense that getting things done is not possible.

The result of the three nightmares are = stage 4 burn out and stage 5 burnt out. Stage four comprises of all the signs and symptoms of burn out and stage 5 is the overall accumulated affect manifested in the person being no longer able to fulfil their personal obligations to themselves or those they have for others also known as 'activities of daily living'.

It would seem none of us are immune to these three states of being. Yet even when there are methods that are safe and proven to eliminate the impact of stress we let ourselves down. This is not a guilt trip and should you feel that emotion then you must take steps to understand why you have been triggered to feel that way.

Maybe you are nodding in agreement or tune out to reading this post, that is OK. This post is for those who want to read and then listen to the short recording shared below.

If you're nodding and agree that you don't employ the proven, healthy approaches then take a piece of paper and write down your stresses, pressures and tensions. Consider on a scale of one to ten, one being low stress and ten being big stress, and rate your three nightmares. Then consider the actions you employ to manage and how effective these are. Then write down a strategic approach to managing your personal experience of pressure, tension and stress so as to reduce the possibility of burn out and burnt out becoming a manifested experience. To help you with this I have shared the links below so that you can check up the details of burn out and approaches to handling burn out to avoid 'burnt out'.

My own personal favourites to balanced well-being include simple tasks such as: