Benefits of Aromatic hand massage

Hand massage is one of the simplest methods of massage, and massage with essential oils gives a whole new meaning to massage. Hand massage is great for sharing with elderly people, those who are in palliative and end of life transition and those who work many hours at a computer or in a writing post. Hand massage with essential oils remains holistic as the essential oils affect mind, emotions and reach the core of our essence.

Hand massage with a blend of essential oils diluted in a light massage medium provides many benefits including easing pain in arthritic joints, easing stiffness and tightness in the small muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hands, improved blood flow aids removal of built up waste products produces by the body and improves circulating blood to the tissues which help to nourish the tissues, the skin is affected also and the nerve endings in the hands are soothed.

A simple hand massage provides social connection though one to one therapy. Social isolation can harm mental health and lead to feeling excluded, rejected and even early death! We are all social beings, and those of us who have experienced the suffering of childhood neglect and rejection know the emotional, psychological and spiritual pain of that. Those of us who have been physically assaulted in its many forms also know that safe touch is vitally important in healing from trauma.

Hand massage that incorporates essential oils provides a safe therapeutic approach to soothing trauma, establishing trust and healing trauma. A person will begin to rebuild their inner world and their inner radiance will begin to shine once more.

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