Bach Remedies, healing humanity

Dr Edward Bach created and developed the 38 flower remedies with the purpose to benefit human kind. The remedies initially treat the emotional/mental state of the person specifically such as fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, for loneliness, over sensitivity to influence and ideas, despondency and despair, and over care of others (Bach E, 2011 The Bach Centre).

The remedies are given in alphabetical order with the associated conditions that can be supported and healed. However before progressing onto specific remedies I share with you a little note about the twelve healers and then chakra association follows. Bach identified twelve states of mind shared by humanity, with distinct personality/character traits, temperament determined by behaviours, attitudes and expression and these were more noticeable during illness. From this the states of mind are below:

• Fear

• Terror

• Mental torture or worry

• Indecision

• Indifference

• Doubt

• Over-concern

• Weakness

• Self-distrust

• Impatience

• Over-enthusiasm

• Pride

Bluebell flower essence is a flower remedy not in the Bach flower range but below I share information of the helpful benefits of the remedy. I did personally use this remedy in combination with some of the Bach remedies after a major surgery and this helped my mood and aided a positive outlook.