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I hope you find the Aromatherapy articles on this site to be interesting and informative. These snippets aim to share with the reader some of the valuable uses, applications and safety issues around Aromatherapy and essential oil uses.

Aromatherapy is a vast modality that is heavily related to herbalism. As such in-depth knowledge of the oils is vitally important. I once heard a massage therapist devalue Aromatherapy as 'just a few drops of essential oils added to a base and rubbed onto the skin and all of a sudden the price of a treatment goes way too high...'

Students of Aromatherapy who progress onto professional practitioners are doing much more than mixing a few drops of essential oils in a base and rubbing it onto the skin. The value of time, energy and personal application to gain knowledge, understanding and application of these precious aromatics was undervalued and that puts a negative twist to a valuable skill; the demeaning of Aromatherapy by the therapist noted above give insight and awareness to me of how she viewed the world of holistic in general and lacked value of essential oils.

But that to one side let me ask 'have you been wondering about Aromatherapy? Would you like to learn a little to see if it's for you'? If so you are invited to join me in exploring aromatherapy with my 'Taste of Aromatherapy' free that offers lifetime access to video recorded material.

My own personal journey of Aromatherapy essential oils began many years ago when my son suffered eczema, I then fell in love with fragrance. I digressed my path, into nursing and after disabling mesh injuries caused chronic and excruciating pain I returned to the flowers, spices, herbs, trees and many other methods of healing.

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Decide to take our professional diploma qualification and you will gain access to professional membership and insurance that allows you to practice Aromatherapy and receive paying clients. For the level 3 professional diploma course students will be required to complete their body massage therapy training with us, along with health and safety, first aid at work and safeguarding vulnerable groups.