Aromatherapy for Menopause


Today I’m sharing information about essential oils that are great for hot flashes. These moments come and go, sometimes with the sensations of anxiety, irritation or impending sense of doom as a precursor; a little warning signal that helps to indicate we can get out our blend and pop a little over our pulse points to help ease the moment.

The correlation between sensations of anxiety, irritation or impending doom is not noted in any literature that I have read but is a personal experience I have had; it is also something I have observed in other women.

I remember when flushes were so hot that I could only dream to live in the Antarctic and would melt the ice caps with how hot I felt. I longed to be cool and for my internal heating system to adjust a little. I also had a mesh implant and this overheating was an unrecognised complication of the device. Since the device has been removed my body temperature is fairly stable.

There’s a precursory feeling and then the flush or flash. The flush subsides and then the feelings ease up. This means we feel the roller coaster ride of emotions practically each time we have flushes and then we wonder why we’re not as sociable as we used to be.

There can be nausea too, and that along with those other sensations, prior to the flush, renders us at the mercy of our natural processes.

But we have the wonderful world of plants to aid us; Angels in Disguise and they truly are. So the best oils for flushes, night or day are:

Peppermint Tea tree Cyprus Sage Clary sage

Now peppermint and tea tree are very cooling and great for flashes but they are also stimulating and could in themselves keep you awake, very much like the flush! So I suggest to keep these two essential oils for day time use; if you struggle to wake in the morning massage a blend into your feet and lower legs to help wake you up. Through the day have a sniff bottle at hand to inhale the aroma from the lid or drip a couple of drops onto a cotton handkerchief and inhale from this.

  1. A great recipe for refreshing energy:

  2. 10 mls of aloe vera gel

  3. 250ml filtered water

  4. 3 drops peppermint

  5. 3 drops tea tree

  6. 2 drops of lavender to balance

Put all the ingredients into a sterile glass jar and place the lid shake to mix and blend. Make sure you label the jar. Cotton strips or even clean paper strips used for waxing body hair can be rolled up and put into the jar. Secure the lid in place and allow the fabric to soak up the blend. You can take them out as you need and wipe the overheated areas of the body.

A night time blend to use before bed and to aid sleep is below...

For this recipe you will need:

  1. 240 ml of normal, un-perfumed lotion or cream

  2. 10mls avocado oil