Aromatherapy; blending, mixing and diluting with Gels

Natural and organic gels offer a different base product in which to dilute essential oils. The texture of organic gel is quite different to the traditional base oils into which essential oils are diluted. The texture of the gels is nothing like the factory product products bought over the counter in stores and shops; it is gloopy but it doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

The most often note effect of the gel are the cooling qualities which makes them a great base product for adding cooling essential oils for summer time, during menopausal flushing and for when there is a fever. In the IICT approved, level 3 Professional Aromatherapy Diploma course, there are three gels shared with you; Aloe Vera which is most known linseed gel which is becoming popular and tapioca gel which is seldom heard about or used.

Our level three course is proceeded by our free 'Taste of Aromatherapy' course, level one and level two aromatherapy courses and there is a requirement to have completed our professional body massage course which itself requires the introductory course to be completed; this provides a comprehensive pathway of learning to ensure you gain all the knowledge fundamental to professional standards and practices. Click the photograph below to be taken to our free course...

I personally love the linseed gel it has shown to be great for hair as a replacement to over the counter/shop bought products and nourishes the hair too. Personally I have extremely sensitive skin and found linseed gel to offer a great alternative to soaps, shower gels and had a good response with reduced dryness and itching; ladies who encounter this problem in or after menopause could possibly benefit and those who have suffered a bad response to medical "mesh" may find it could ease the skin issues they suffer.

In the demonstrations section of the course stipends learn show how to make linseed gel and it is so easy; it is the basic product that is simple to make, natural and organic and affordable. I have gone onto potter about and experiment with adding cacao butter and coconut oil along with Frankincense, Chamomile and Geranium.