Aromatherapy and Anxiety - affinity!

Do you or some one you know experience menopausal symptoms?

There are over 30 recognised symptoms of menopause and the person who experiences them can feel extremely isolated and perhaps even go out their way to isolated themselves! They may decline invitations along to family gatherings, finding time with others at social settings irritating and where normally a life changing event would be challenging the person, who is now experiencing menopause, falls to paces, they crumble into tears or anxiety sends them into a tizz!

And the usual medical approach to menopause is HRT and maybe some CBT! But reported in the news recently is the new research findings confirming the connection between HRT and breast cancer! How many women must be worried sick and deeply anxious about that? So this very first post looks at essential oils that can support the woman who is experiencing menopause, more particularly anxiety. And of course for those women who have been taking HRT you too may find this article helpful to ease your own anxiety.

Aromatic essential oils that are noted for anxiety and depression experienced during menopause. Anxiety, panic and palpation are experienced by almost all people around the world. For women who are commencing their menopause the experience can be overwhelming as well as unexpected. Often people are only ever informed of hot flashes as a symptom of menopause along with being snappy and irritable. Aromatherapy can be a great adjunct to ease mental and emotional issues arising in menopause. It’s important that when using aromatic oils that when you create your own blends you change the mixtures every ten days or so. This prevents the body becoming used to them but also allows you to explore and experiment with the essential oils more broadly.

All it takes is one drop two to three times a day, in a 5ml carrier and massage into the upper chest, neck, shoulders or abdomen to gain ease. You can also inhale the oils via diffusion or on a tissue paper or handkerchief – just a drop and keep it close and deeply inhale the nectar of the aroma… Note; change the essential oil you use every ten days to avoid becoming used to it, or blend two oils together just to alter the makeup of the chosen item.

You’ll note that some of these beauties also relieve flushes, and soothe genital issues. This is one reason why I love aromatherapy because one essential oil offers support to numerous issues.

1. Lavender

2. Rose Maroc

3. Cedarwood

4. Ylang Ylang

5. Bergamot

6. Myrrh

7. Patchouli

8. Chamomile

9. Frankincense

10. Geranium

11. Lemon

12. Clary sage

13. Basil

Recipe for topical application:

Myrrh, (thought to unite our inner heaven and earth) it has healing qualities that aid and promote tissue repair, eliminate toxins and prevent infection. Aids in reducing cholesterol, respiratory conditions, and manage str