A message from the eminent Dr Coleman

This website is dedicated to holistic therapy and teaching people the modalities however due to SARS Cov-2 I have shared various videos and the information below... this is a crucial matter to our survival.

Please take time to check into Dr Colemans video, share with loved ones, if you doubt what he says take time to research further...

The first fact is that the UK Government down graded the novel corona virus on 19th March 2020 to a disease no a disease no longer of high consequence.

The injection, that is being marketed as a vaccine, by various brand names, is the lethal virus... this is going to potentially wipe out humanity.

We must all act now to build our immune defences and to protect our loved ones...

Dr Coleman has been a leading voice and I as a nurse support every word he says, we may not like the truth but it is necessary to hear, and it may challenge the narrative but it is vital to our constitution and our existence.


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