Body Massage; Swedish techniques

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Deborah Casey
Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Guide

Course creator and Instructor



All those years ago, when I was learning Aromatherapy, I was infused with a heartfelt longing to learn more, to become a qualified professional Aromatherapist and able to provide a great quality service to my local community and surrounding areas.  To do this meant I would have to attend college.  That was a huge moment for me.  I had experienced many traumas in my life and this created anxiety states within.  I had done all I could to conquer the anxiety but still it was with me.  So I took a leap of faith, I felt the fear and did it anyway.  I enrolled onto the body massage course that required I take a bus to college and it meant having to use the bus at the same time it was filled with kids from school.  The kids were ok, they were noisy after a long day tied up at school.  My anxiety was immense; it threatened to prevent me going on.  But persistence and determination were my key words.  I wanted to learn Aromatherapy and to be a professional – it was in my heart and mind and so I kept with it.  The first time I entered class I thought I would pass out, but there were people with smiling faces, warm and welcoming and I even recognised some from the classes I had taken.  Learning body massage taught me a lot about how anxiety can cause tension inside the muscles, how lactic acid build up can create pain, and that was the tip of the iceberg.  I studied diligently, completed my course work, case studies and passed my exams; I was astonished because my family had me believe I was most dense and stupid being on the planet.  I guess I was because I had believed them.  But my beliefs had begun to change and my confidence began to grow.  I was able to gain some part time work at a local community centre and the path kept opening up.  Body massage led to study of Aromatherapy and I was getting to provide a great quality service to my community; my dream and my passion brought me to the point of being where I had desired. 

Body massage courses

There are two courses available to students.  One is an introduction to body massage and provides a basic overview.  The second is a professional course of study, that is fully comprehensive, and upon successful completion and submission of marked course work and final exam students receive a diploma that is approved with the IICT; please note that classroom attendance is required for assessment of process.  Students can seek and apply for professional membership with the IICT when they receive their diploma.

Access this course directly by click on the image below; you will be relocated to our teachable online media school.  There students can enrol and gain immediate access to the course.  The courses do undergo updating and some materials may not be present due to being in redesign – but they are on the way so make no mistake these courses are complete.

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