Personal life transformation

Welcome to our personal life transformation package.  This is a simple approach to transforming your life through application of ancient and modern healing methods and techniques that are found both within art and science.

The package provides unlimited and life time access for a one off fee.  All you need is a desire, a wish an intention to begin the process of transforming your life and unlocking all your potential to live a whole and healthy life.

Living a life outside of the hum-drum of the “rat race”, with it’s “dog eat dog” mentality and where there feels like a shark infested pool of humans ready to pour their ill feeling and ill being onto you is a journey, a path and can be one where you feel like your head is spinning.  But living life inside the rat race, with the dog eat dog mentality and residing in a pool of sharks can become liberating as you disconnect your energy from theirs and take back your personal power and personal authority.

You see it all begins before birth, science has shown that what our outer environment is affects us, and when in the womb our outer environment is our mother’s womb; what our mother experiences is our experience – the stress, anxiety, fear of Nazi occupied Hungary affected the Jewish babies as informed by Dr Gabor Mate who recounts to audiences how the Nazi occupation had distressed mothers and the babies were all crying.  Imagine how your experience in your mother’s womb affected you, and you and your life experiences are like a computer printout of those experiences.

From birth, through infancy and childhood everything we see, hear and experience becomes us; my own conditioning was rejection from my mother, I was unworthy of her love; she held a deep resentment of me because as she said I was the double of my dad and as I grew she told me how I was just like my dad.  This hurt me deeply because I knew of her scorn, resentment and bitterness toward him and she projected that onto me.  I was infused with all that and much more besides. 

I found life patterns repeating over and over as though I had eaten some toxic food and I was poisoned.  And indeed I had ingested all my mother’s hatred and her toxicity had spewed into my being.  To clean the up I had to begin my quest to heal.  And on the back of a huge somersault in my life I found myself facing one of two roads; suicide was an option but instead I learned to pray.  Guide me God.

















All that I share, the healing processes and practices are all born of my own journey into Plato’s cave, and if you don’t know about Plato’s cave we take a look at that in brief.  My journey inside Plato’s cave was to encounter the dark night of the soul repeatedly.  And then Dante’s inferno descended and I felt my being burning away.  These allegories, metaphors and the symbolism was to provide me an understanding of what my soul had encountered, to understand my trauma and to do a 380 degree mental flip to discover the messages of how this kept me safe!

You may feel you’re not ready for such a journey, and if you have deep unresolved trauma and wounds you will need support from a qualified counsellor or psychologist; mental health personnel teams are not any use for this type of work, they operate the medical and mechanistic approaches which does not seek to explore the metaphor of your life.

Even if you don’t feel you are ready you may still enrol onto this experience and participate in the healing life download meditation and other mantra meditations that are designed to bring peace and more warmth into your experience of life and when you feel ready to journey into the deeper matters you will know – your soul will draw you along a path of purification, of purging and clearing.  Your soul wants to live in alignment with Divinity and it will not be hushed or quieted forever…

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