Infection Control and Prevention

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Working in the health care setting brings a great deal of responsibility for the care of others. This responsibility includes ensuring that you practice your role in accordance with accepted methods. An element of practice is infection control and prevention which aims to protect patients and residents from harms that can arise from poor hygiene practices.  Here the old adage prevention is better than cure rings true. 

Did you know that in 2019, globally, some 700,000 people died from anti-biotic resistant infections, a further 200,000 people died in the UK in 2019 from Norovirus. The prevention of these infections is simple, easy and effective the primary problem is over prescribing of anti-biotics and poor hygiene practices!

Infection control and prevention is a mandatory training element for all health carers.  The aim is to protect yourself, colleagues and those people receiving care service.

Current issues in health and social care - Covid 19, are you fed up with this?  I am and as a therapists I wondered how I could make my work place safer for those times I receive clients.  This led me onto further training and education and building upon my previous learning.  I then went deeper and this led to creating a course, return to work, covid 19 - current guidelines.  With the hope to raise student awareness and support student practices both in personal and professional life.