Indian Head Massage

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Deborah Casey

Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Guide

Course creator and Instructor


In my early learning of holistic therapy I was really lucky to be able to get onto the Indian head massage course at local women’s education and training centre.  I was enthralled by the tutor who taught us about chakras, and energy vortices, and how we have these energy points.  I felt as though this was what I had been looking for all my life; I had found my home.  I was with a lot of other students and we practiced the massage methods and routines on each other.  I was lucky when one training session the instructor had me as her practice person and relieved my neck and shoulder of a really tight knot that caused headaches as well as stiffness and reduced my mobility. 


I came away from that class with my level two certificate in Indian head massage – I was moving towards being ready for my biggest move in life.  The move to college was on the horizon and so too was my anxiety but I kept with it.  It was after this training that I was first invited to aid my community with providing therapy at a ladies pamper session.  Life was opening doors and I was growing and developing in ways I could never have imagined.  And each week I attended the pamper session and the ladies loved their short sessions of Indian head massage and the feedback was phenomenal.  This kept my spark of determination glowing.  Word spread and more ladies came to have therapy and I was overwhelmed that my reputation as a therapist was being shared far and wide.  I loved supporting my community and my community were certainly loving therapy.

Indian head massage course

This is a professional course of study, and includes anatomy and physiology pertinent to the area being treated, so prior learning in anatomy and physiology is a requirement, and upon successful completion and submission of marked course work and final exam students receive a diploma that is approved with the IICT.  Students can seek and apply for professional membership with the IICT when they receive their diploma.